Ningbo's Haishu District pioneered in Sino-Finnish collaboration for solving technical problems

2019-09-25 13:57:58 source: Zhejiang News

In the Haishu District of Ningbo city, many conventional manufacturers urgently requires transformation and upgrade. 

The Ulvila City of Finland has a wide variety of industries such as automatic robotics, green industry, and harbor and marine technology.

Since Ningbo signed a framework agreement of cooperation with Ulvila, Haishu District, the specific area undertaking and implementing the cooperation, has worked with Finland to promote international cooperation in technical innovation and upskilling, building a cooperation platform between Haishu and Ulvila. The platform operates on a project basis and focuses on solving the pain points of private enterprises in Haishu District during the process of technological development.

Since last year, Finnish experts have made several inspection trips to the district to understand the demands of the first batch of over 30 companies, and providing seven manufacturers with development proposals. Finally, a product line upgrade and production line automation project of Junhe Pumps was confirmed as the first cooperation project.

At present, 50% of Junhe’s production lines are automated. At the end of last year, with a packaging efficiency improvement scheme specially designed by Finnish experts, Junhe Pumps launched an automation drive. The scheme is currently in testing. Once technical bottlenecks are overcome, production efficiency will be improved 20% simply for packaging.

Executive Editor: Ke Ye

Translation: Ke Ye, Wenjin Chen

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