A 5G unmanned industrial application demonstration base settled in Hangzhou

2019-08-19 15:01:26 source: Zhejiang News


On August 15, a 5G unmanned industrial application demonstration base was launched at Jianggan District of Hangzhou. Representatives from communication operators, equipment manufacturers, research institutes and each vertical field witnessed together the inauguration of the base and inked strategic cooperation agreements.

The base settles at the Tusincere High-tech City, launched and built jointly by Dinglan Smart Town, China Mobile and Tusincere Group.

Generally speaking, after the base is launched, it will realize the functions such as providing physical resources, building 5G intelligent infrastructure and public service platforms, gathering industries and enterprises and constructing investment and financing platforms and building a complete 5G inter-connected unmanned ecosystem covering such links as infrastructure, public services and key application services.


At the site of the inauguration ceremony, the reporter saw a pilotless motor sweeper and a 5G network drone performing tasks. The two products vividly demonstrate the application of 5G technology in the low altitude areas.

"Wo Xiao Bai is a smart motor sweeper designed based on high technology. It’s a hard-working sweeper. We apply the automatic driving technology in the sanitation sector, adopting the pilotless operation system AVOS system (an algorithm software platform) independently developed by IDRIVERPLUS High-tech Co., Ltd. The motor sweeper can fulfill such functions as automatic sweeping, splashing water, avoiding obstacles without a driver.” Xie Hongxiang, vice president in charge of business of the high-tech company said, “super cleaners” like Wo Xiao Bai can work around the clock, which is suitable for sanitation and cleaning work in sealed or semi-sealed space such as campuses, residential quarters, large factories and industrial parks.

The 5G network drone can realize remote commanding, which greatly enhances the safety and efficiency of flight.

Industrial drones are difficult to operate manually, poor in maneuverability, with high risks and teaching costs, but a low working efficiency. The cloud-end command system is compatible with different kinds of flight control, which simplifies the operation of aircraft, realizes take-off, return and task performing and significantly reduces the operating difficulty of the aircraft and improves the efficiency of task performing.

“With the aid of 5G network, the cloud-end control will get rid of the limitation from the local link transmission distance and truly control the drone remotely. At present, the technology has been applied in the field of emergency security.” The staff said.

Executive Editor: Ke YE

Translation: Ke YE, Wenjin CHEN

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