Uni graduate returns to hometown in Anji to start a sweet business

2019-04-26 12:27:02 source: 浙商網;Translation: In Zhejiang


Bian Yueming, a post-80s, was born in Tianhuangping Town, Anji County of Huzhou City. He left his rural home and studied numerical control programming in a university. Then he chose to return to his hometown and led the locals to revitalize the village by planting fruit and creating orchard-based homestays. The agricultural maker is has made something new in the planting of grapes.

During a conversation with farmers of a vineyard in Jinhua City, Bian learnt that the their vineyard could create an annual benefit of over RMB 200,000 yuan. It came to Bian that he could combine the tourism with the grape planting in his hometown and promote the integration of agriculture and tourism.

Bian decided to start a “sweet business”. He made well-targeted soil improvement, applied for a green food certification, and improved the color and taste of grapes. Through a proper output reduction, the grapes could absorb more nutrients and grow in higher quality. Also, Bian adopted the improved planting technologies and increased the application of organic fertilizer. Moreover, he applied the casing, pest-proof net and other biological methods for the control of plant diseases and insects, reducing the use of pesticide. The measures laid foundation for his top-quality products.

Bian built specialized cooperatives with local farmers and joined their forces in the market competition. Now, the grape planting area of the cooperatives has reached up to over 500mu, with an annual production value exceeding RMB 10,000,000 yuan. To maximize the grape benefits, he has combined the homestay with ecological farm and created the first orchard-based homestay in Anji County.


The homestay also functions as an agricultural science and education base for primary and secondary school students. Recently, the construction of the No. 3 grape base covering an area of 80mu has been started. It has introduced elevated strawberry beds and cherry to create a more colorful orchard. 

(Executive Editor: Yongliu He)

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