China Yiwu Imported Commodities Fair 2019 held in Yiwu

2019-05-27 16:34:32 source: Zhejiang News; Translation: In Zhejiang


From May 23 to 26, China Yiwu Imported Commodities Fair 2019 was held at Yiwu International Expo Center.

Themed “Buying from and Selling to the World, Building a Capital of Small Commodities of the World” and offering 2,012 international standard booths, the event of this year was attended by nearly 1,000 enterprises. 

Exhibitors came from 85 countries and regions, including 40 countries and regions along the BRI such as Russia, Poland, Czech, Vietnam, Malaysia, India and Sri Lanka. Meanwhile, a sub-venue was also set at Yiwu China Imported Commodities Mall and Binwang Direct Sales Center of Yiwu China Imported Commodities Mall.

According to the statistics, 170 enterprises from 40 countries and regions along the BRI attended the event with imported commodities such as articles of everyday use, household supplies, handicrafts, foods and drinks.

In addition to the countries and regions along the BRI, an exhibition of international sister cities of Zhejiang Province was introduced for the first time, attended by 33 cities of 20 countries including Brooklyn District of New York, the US, Malevich of Belarus, Lauenburg City and Schleswig-Holstein State Economic and Technological Promotion Center of Germany, Shizuoka Prefecture of Japan, Chiengmai of Thailand, Jesselton City of Malaysia and Harare of Zimbabwe. 89 booths were established to exhibit the characteristic commodities of each city, enhancing mutual understanding and cooperation.

The diversified supporting activities of the event strengthened not only an accurate docking in economic and trade exchange, but also the cultural exchange among the exhibitors. Spain held 13 Cultural Week activities including the release conference of national symbols, a tasting party of foods and wines, an artistic performance of “Fantasy Spain” and a charity bazaar of characteristic products. 

Other cultural activities were also staged in the exhibition halls such as Cultural Tour & Cuisine Carnival, Best Series Awarding Ceremony & Special Fifth Anniversary to promote the collaborative development in different fields such as culture, education, and tourism.

(Executive Editor: Liu LIU)

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