Museums in Zhejiang: China National Tea Museum

2019-05-16 14:06:52 source: By Liu LIU


(Photo/Zhejiang Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism)

As a province of profound culture and long history, Zhejiang is ample in museums with distinct characteristics where local cultures are presented vividly. Thus, we are going to share with you those unique museums in Zhejiang which are sure to take your breath away!

Today we will take you on a tour to China National Tea Museum in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province.


 (Photo/ China National Tea Museum)

As is known to all, tea is one of the incarnations of traditional Chinese culture, and Longjing Tea of Hangzhou with a history of more than 1200 years is sought-after all over the world.


Situated in Xihu District of Hangzhou, China National Tea Museum is the only tea theme national museum. Covering a total area of 124,000 square meters, the museum is composed of two branches, namely “Shuangfeng Venue” and “Longjing Venue”.


 (Photo/ China National Tea Museum)

Integrating culture presentation, scientific research, academic communication, tea ceremony training, interactive experience and tea tasting, the museum is an exhibition center of tea culture where visitors can get an in-depth culture experience.


ADD: No.268, Wengjiashan, Longjing Road; No.88, Longjing Road, Hangzhou

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